February 10, 2016

Design, Illustration, and Media Arts - Lydia Pecor

Design, Illustration, and Media Arts - Lydia Pecor Going to the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) has been a life changing experience for me. I never liked school. I always woke up in the morning not wanting to go. Since I’ve been at the HACTC, that all has changed. I now wake up motivated and excited for what the...

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Human Services - Kelsey Mason

Human Services - Kelsey Mason My name is Kelsey Mason. I am currently a senior at Hartford High School and I am also enrolled in the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC)  in the Human Services program. The purpose of the program is to learn and survey the field of human services. I chose to come ...

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Culinary Arts - Luc Issa

Culinary Arts - Luc Issa I am a junior at Woodstock Union High School named Luc Issa and I currently attend the Culinary Arts program at the HACTC.  As a struggling sophomore looking for guidance, I decided to attend the HACTC presentation at our school where I kept hearing the words “hands-on” over and o...

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Collision Repair and Refinishing - Austin Covell

Collision Repair and Refinishing - Austin Covell At the HACTC, students learn the most important skills that are needed after graduation. Every student that comes to the HACTC learns the mission statement: Respect. Engage. Learn. Work. Serve. Grow. Learning, practicing, and living the mission statement is meaningful and is going...

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When Does The HACTC Visit Your School?

Al Flory, HACTC School Counseling Coordinator, will visit all the area high schools in January to speak to sophomore students about attending the HACTC for the 2016-2017 school year.  Below is a schedule of when he will present at the area schools. 

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Austin Waterman - Industrial Mechanics and Welding

Austin Waterman - Industrial Mechanics and Welding When I come to the HACTC and I  walk through that door into Industrial Mechanics and Welding (IMW),  everyone greets me. It’s more of a family t...

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Jocelyn Martin - Allied Medical Services

Jocelyn Martin - Allied Medical Services I am glad to be at HACTC because the atmosphere in my classroom is so remarkable and I look forward to coming to class each day. My classmates are welcoming to each other’s ideas and we all work so incredibly well together. We use a variety of learning styles in our classroom. The first year of this program is a lot of visual and auditory learning because you are setting up basic s...

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Lauren Booth - Cosmetology

Lauren Booth - Cosmetology My experience at HACTC is something I am always willing to talk about and share with anyone who is interested. I have gained a bottomless list of knowledge and experience from my teacher Mrs. Dunham in the Cosmetology class over junior and now senior year. I feel by the ...

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George Spearing - Business Administration

George Spearing  - Business Administration The HACTC is a familiar workplace that has known expectations. This is a friendly environment that encourages learning through real world experiences and opportunities. All people at the HACTC have a reason to be here and want to pursue a more detailed level of education in a specific career path....

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