May 30, 2024

Kaila Lemmer - Career Technology Exploration

Kaila Lemmer - Career Technology Exploration

Career and Technology Explorations (CTE) has to be the best opportunity there is for sophomores that do not know exactly what they want to be or do in life after high school. For me I have achieved a lot of hands on experiences and gained priceless knowledge of most of the careers that I could get into. Not only does our class have the ability to visit other classes, we also have class time where we do English, Math, and Art. Here at the Hartford Are Career and Technology Center, we have three amazing teachers, Mr. Danger, Ms. Dion, and Mr. Viens.  This trio guides our class through everything we do. I have 10 students in my class and “boy are we something”. Every morning we do vocabulary journals which consist of two vocab words that we need to look up in the dictionary and two math problems. When our journals are done we are ready for the day.

To me, the best part about CTE is when we go on rotation. Rotation is when we visit two classes out of the 13 career choices that the HACTC has to offer. We visit each class for three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and the other two days we do class work. We are split up into three groups and we are in those groups for the rest of the year. We rotate through the various career choices through the whole year. I love going out into each program because we do what the juniors are currently doing with the help from them and the teacher. Everyone in every program is very supportive and fun to work with. Going to a program is a great experience and it really helps us in deciding what we could pick for the next year. It also gives you an idea of what you like and what you do not like. Even though we are only in a program for three days, there is a lot of information given to you and with the right project you can see yourself in that trade.

When we are not out in a program with Ms. Dion or Mr. Danger, we are in the CTE classroom with Mr. Viens. Work definitely gets done and there is quite a bit of it. We read many great short stories and a few good books. Also, we do math packets that cover basic math to geometry. When all of the hard work is done we do fun art projects too. My favorite projects so far, were doing the movie posters and a scattered image. For English, we write five paragraph essays on several different subjects. The pieces of writing are very thoughtful and well written with a ton of planning before we actually write them. Sometimes what we do in the classroom is not always fun but it needs to get done and we get rewarded for our hard work. When all of our work is done on Friday’s we can go to the store right down the road or the last friday of the month we can pick a movie to watch.

My experience in CTE has to be one of the most fun and most insightful class I have ever taken. I highly recommend this class to any freshman that will be a sophomore next year, who may need a little guidance.  One thing you will never know with this class is who is going to be in it because many different schools come to the HACTC. If I could redo this class, I would because I love it. I am also looking forward to next years Business Administration class. Without going to CTE first, I would have never known that I would like that class before having to chose it my junior year. CTE is the best place to start if you want to get  experiences in different careers rather than picking one blindly your junior year.