August 19, 2022

Sarah Demers - Cosmetology

Sarah Demers - Cosmetology

My experience at HACTC is something I am always willing to talk about and share with anyone who is interested. I have gained a bottomless list of knowledge and experience from my teacher Mrs. Dunham in the Cosmetology class over junior and now senior year. I feel by the end of this year the HACTC will have put me right on the path I have been searching for and I will be ready to start a career and life on my own. I somehow managed to gain something from almost every other class in the HACTC. as well. 

I have to thank Mrs Trombly, the Business Administration teacher, Mrs. Leland the Foundation Skills Coordinator, and Mrs. Allard the Design, Illustration and Media Arts teacher for being a HUGE extra help.  They have helped me do such things as filling out all my papers right, creating a resume, cover letter, etc. and have also helped me to prepare for my FBLA competitions. 

Being a part of the HACTC community, I feel as though I could go to any teachear or classroom looking for guidance and receive exactly the kindness, respect, or help I would ask for. Our mission to achieve each year and expand off from is “Respect. Engage. Learn. Work. Serve. Grow.” I think this is a very important mission for any community to follow.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is something I stumbled upon in the HACTC my Junior year and became very passionate about. I involved myself in the program mostly because I knew it was something that would do good things for my future according to my teachers and peers. When going to our Spring Conference trip, I was unsure.  The entire bus ride I continued teetering back and forth about how much I believed this was going to be enjoyable. We arrived and after 10 minutes or so passed by of mingling with kids from various chapters I was having a blast and learning and growing as an individual and a leader. This year I will be returning to FBLA as secretary of my chapter and I could not be any more excited!