May 30, 2024

Nicolas Siciliano - Career Technology Exploration

Nicolas Siciliano - Career Technology Exploration

The Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) has a wide variety of programs that can help students start a career. Students can sign up for a program at the end of their sophomore year. For some, this choice occurs after they have gone through the Career Technology Exploration (CTE) program and have decided what program suites them best.

How do you know which program you want to join? The CTE program is a sophomore class you get in prior to attending one of the twelve career programs your Junior year. As a CTE student, you spend one week exploring each of the programs available at the HACTC. During the weeks you are not exploring certain careers you do regular school work in the CTE classroom.  As a CTE student, along with discovering a possible career path, you earn a math, English, and an art credit towards your graduation.

While exploring a career you learn a lot about what it is, what they do, and how they do it. The programs offered here provide you an opportunity to start off in a career as well as provide you an education in something you are interested in.   Being a CTE student I have already visited eight of the twelve programs and my experience has been great.

The class that I am interested in attending is Automotive Technology. Within this program, you work on all kinds of vehicles and the instructor teaches you all about them. When I visited the program, I worked with the current juniors on a truck that had some issues with it. As a team, we solved the problem and we were able to repair the truck during class time.

The great thing about visiting the programs before you choose is that you have the ability to talk to current students. You get an opportunity to hear about the class from their perspective. You also get a chance to talk to the teachers and ask them questions about the program. If you decide you want to do that certain program, you can talk to the teacher about becoming a student in next years class.

I still have four other programs to visit and I am sure they will be interesting because all of the programs I have been to so far have had something that caught my attention.

I highly recommend coming to the HACTC because this program gives you an opportunity to start a real career for yourself.  Attending the HACTC can also help you academically because the teachers here give you more than help, they give you guidance.  The teachers are trying to help you start an organized life for when you are fresh out of high school. All of the teachers I have met in the time I have been here have showed nothing but respect for students and a lot of them have a really good sense of humor.