August 19, 2022

Damien Murray - FBLA

Damien Murray - FBLA

My name is Damien Murray and I attend the Design Illustration and Media Arts program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. Since being enrolled at the HACTC, I have seen how students can excel in their work if given the right environment. This type of passion at the HACTC inspires me, and many others, to become more driven in achieving what we set out to do in our lives. 

At the beginning of this year, I was lucky enough to become the President of our FBLA chapter.  I have learned by not only being a member, but a leader in the organization how to distinguish my career goals. FBLA prides itself on teaching students business and leadership skills that they can utilize in their future career path. Through servicing the community, attending skill building workshops, and competing in events specific to the individual’s career interests, students are given a chance to push themselves to new levels in developing their skills in a business setting. 

State level conferences are where a lot of this takes place. Every student who wishes to become a member of FBLA is able to compete at these events and has a chance of placing. When I arrived at my first FBLA conference, I noticed something that made me realize why the organization is so successful. There was a room full of teenagers, all in their formal wear, standing around and conversing, everyone seemed invested in upholding the purpose of the organization. This was all very inspiring to me and my classmates. This type of behavior, that is very similar to what we witness at our technical center, made us all a lot more comfortable and excited about getting the chance to compete in these events. 

For both my junior and senior year, I have been a member, my chapter has placed in a majority of the competitions. These events have ranged from take home events, such as electronic career portfolio, to performance events, like impromptu speaking. All of the competitive events are created for students to be able to have a more real life experience demonstrating their strengths. This helps to prepare us for the business world where we will have to prove ourselves to our employers. 

The experience and knowledge I have gained by being a member of FBLA is probably the most important step I have taken to prepare for my future in business. By learning what it means to be not just a student, but a leader, I have developed a better understanding of what I hope to accomplish when I enter the business world.