August 19, 2022

George Spearing - Business Administration

George Spearing  - Business Administration

The HACTC is a familiar workplace that has known expectations. This is a friendly environment that encourages learning through real world experiences and opportunities. All people at the HACTC have a reason to be here and want to pursue a more detailed level of education in a specific career path. The HACTC is a more rigorous, yet relaxed learning environment. The regular classroom is mostly bookwork. Learning how to read a textbook and find answers. The regular classroom focuses on the grade that can be achieved. The HACTC focuses on how much the student can learn and how it can apply to real world businesses. This environment offers a relaxed feel. There is less stress on achieving the highest grade and more on how well the knowledge is absorbed.

This year I am looking forward to new curriculum. Last year was building fundamental skills for learning and planning how to get work done. This year is building on those skills and expanding the opportunity to learn from new experiences. For example, I will be participating in Future Leaders of America (FBLA) as the chapter Treasurer. This year we will be focusing on community service and leadership opportunities. FBLA members have opportunities to expand upon the skills that are established the classroom and apply them to real world situations. Business Administration students also have the opportunity to take one college course through River Valley Community College senior year. This year I am taking Computer Applications. Computer Applications covers word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. These skills are transferable to all aspects of the business world. This college course will apply toward future college paths and will help propel me through the business world. Lastly, we will also be completing a personal finance certification. Finances are an integral part of preparing for a stable future. This certification acknowledges a deeper understanding of personal finance and ways to be financially secure.

The senior year focuses on personal finance and working toward a financially secure future. Senior year is mostly about preparing for what the future will offer and ways to ensure no one gets lost along the way. We have the opportunity to build upon our skills through job shadows. Each student goes to four different businesses to learn how they operate. I have gone to a theatre, electrical company, computer repair, and accounting firm. Each company was very unique in the ways they dealt with clients and employees. Some places are larger than others and offer a more community feel. These job placements help to solidify future career path options by demonstrating how the business works and interacts with other people and companies.