August 19, 2022

Austin Waterman - Industrial Mechanics and Welding

Austin Waterman - Industrial Mechanics and Welding

When I come to the HACTC and I walk through that door into Industrial

Mechanics and Welding (IMW), everyone greets me. It’s more of a

family than just a class.

I know that when I come to IMW everyday I know I will have something

to do 
and that I will learn something new. For this year, I am looking

to working on improving my skills. I plan on becoming a skilled

and welder. Life after high school is a bright future with the

need for a high 
skill level in welding and fabrication.

Everything is hands on and mistakes are gonna be made, so you have

learn from them. That’s what makes IMW different if you don’t make

mistakes you’re not going to learn.

I will be completing a college class with River Valley Community college

through the IMW program. I will still continue a day in the life at IMW

earn college credits for it.

I have acquired many certifications, including mechanical

mechanical pollution prevention and a certification of

participation. In the end 
I am certified in knowing how to be safe

and responsible with the tools I use, dispose of all waste, and I know

to treat other in the work space with respect.

The HACTC is a great place 
to learn and grow as a whole, no one is

left behind because we strive together as a team. The staff at the

more than willing to give you the help you need to achieve