August 19, 2022

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

In the Allied Medical Services class we learn a lot about working with colleagues and patients that come from different cultures and backgrounds than us. At the HACTC we also get a chance to do this because our classmates come from different schools and have their own educational and life experiences. We would like to share how these opportunities to work with classmates from other schools has helped us.

My name is Emily Batten, and I am a Senior at Mascoma Valley Regional High School. Coming to the HACTC and seeing and meeting people from different schools is a great experience. The friendships that I have built are truly wonderful. The faculty here are some of the greatest people I’ve met, and the politest. Mr. Heavisides has made the experience all the more enjoyable, welcoming every student each morning. I love the HACTC, and would come back again if I could.

My name is Brooke Hurd, and I am a Senior at Hartford High School. My time at the HACTC has helped me make a lot of new friends. I have built so many relationships with my classmates, my teachers and the administration here. I have also had the opportunity to get to know students from my school better than I would have if I had not come to the tech center. I love the HACTC because everybody here is always smiling and asking you how your day is. The HACTC helps you make connections that last.

My name is Destiny Burns and I am a Senior at Windsor High School. Meeting people from different places and cultures gives you a more open mind. It makes you more open to people who come from different families who have different ideas on how to live. It makes your mind open to the fact that people are raised way different than how you were, and that’s okay.

At the HACTC, students come from all over the greater Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. Coming to the HACTC has made us better people because we have learned to make friends and get along with people we wouldn’t have necessarily. This has helped us as we prepare for jobs and for dealing with people in general. We have learned how to deal with mean people nicely, and how to approach people to become friends. The HACTC is a unique environment where we all come together as one and put our differences behind us.