August 19, 2022

Preparing for the Workforce with the HACTC Employability Card

Preparing for the Workforce with the HACTC Employability Card

By Elizabeth Cheevers, Computer Technology Applications;

The HACTC Employability Card stands for punctuality, good work, experience, and excellent documentation. Students have to complete a set of tasks to receive this card. These students are well prepared for the workforce, their lives, and their careers. Many card requirements are a bit difficult to achieve, but certainly doable for a determined student. Some requirements are easier, and may even be included in the student’s curriculum.  

First, all HACTC students have created a Digital Assessment Tool (DAT) and shared it with a teacher, family member, and a friend. Many students are active members of a career student organization, such as FBLA or Skills USA. Students receiving this card have completed some community service, and have outstanding school attendance. They have created a resume, acquired three letters of reference, completed Career Readiness training, Digital Citizenship training, earned an Industry Recognized Credential, and even brainstormed a post secondary plan. 

Some of the activities I have completed towards earning my Employability Card include presenting at the statewide Women Can Do Conference in October at Vermont Technical College. It included many programs to empower women to pursue any career they want. I presented about the ability of hackers to break into your phone via bluetooth, which is becoming a serious problem. Essentially the easiest way to prevent against this is to turn off your bluetooth in crowded places, only pair approved devices at home, and add pins to connect to your devices. This was in the hands-on action expo portion of the event, which had many other presenters. I also participated in the FBLA Fall Conference in October, and completed the OSHA Career Readiness Training.

The organization and communication skills I have used for these events have prepared me for a brighter future in the workplace.