May 30, 2024

Striving to Achieve the HACTC Employability Card

Striving to Achieve the HACTC Employability Card

By Caden White, Industrial Mechanics & Welding;

A new era of employability is upon us. Students attending the HACTC are now able to obtain an Employability Card. What is an Employability Card? It’s a certification for participating students, and signed off on by the HACTC, that assures employers that they will be getting a hard-working, educated employee. 

This card is not just given out to any student, but has to be earned through certain specifications. There are seven required objectives that students need to complete to earn an Employability Card. These required tasks include things like a 90% or better attendance, three letters of recommendation outside of the HACTC, completion of digital citizenship training, along with other tasks. After completing those, students are required to fulfill five of eleven other tasks like 10 hours of community service, one week as a HACTC summer tech camp counselor, participation in the robotics club, and many more. 

As an active 11th grade member of the HACTC, the Employability Card is always something in the back of my head. I have completed 10 hours of community service, plus I have over three recommendation letters and a current resume from different jobs over the last three years. 

When the HACTC made this new card available to the hard-working students of the career center, it really opened kids’ eyes up. I speak on behalf of myself and the rest of my Industrial Mechanics and Welding class. This card has the ability to open lots of doors to new careers and experiences. It almost reminds me of the honor roll system that every student has come to know from their sending schools. This card gives kids something to strive for over the next two years. 

I can only imagine the work it will take to finish all the requirements but, in the end, it will give students who complete the tasks a competitive edge over others in the same field.