August 19, 2022

Building a Foundation with the HACTC Employability Card

Building a Foundation with the HACTC Employability Card

By Madison Hunt, Design, Illustration & Media Arts;

Being a leader to me means being a role model, taking responsibility, having a good work ethic and a drive to succeed. These skills are key to being a valued employee. Hence, the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) Employability Card is like a rubric for these aspiring leaders. 

I have always wanted to gain leadership skills and be able to work to my fullest potential to prove that I am a worthy employee. This HACTC Employability Card gives an outline for how to become a successful employee and/or leader, while still providing a challenge and clear goal to attain. Since coming to the HACTC I have been immersed in a class and a tech center where I can let my creative ideas, leadership skills, and friendships grow. The environment of the HACTC provides a perfect introduction to workplace professionalism, and this is why the HACTC Employability Card is not impossible to gain. 

During my time at the HACTC so far, I have been presented with multiple opportunities to show that I am willing to work hard and achieve my goals. I have been a part of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), which has given me practical business and leadership skills as well as lots of experience in community service and fundraising. I have learned how to really become a team with everyone at the HACTC and be a role model for others coming into this tech center. The Employability Card may seem like a small stepping stone to becoming a professional employee and leader, but it builds a foundation for anyone to become a future leader, employee, and strong member of any workplace presented to them. 

Being a good employee builds wisdom and skill needed to be a contender in this society of work and craze, but at the HACTC I feel very prepared with all of the professional skills presented to me.