August 19, 2022

Successful State Soils & Land Judging Competition

Successful State Soils & Land Judging Competition

By Joe Kibbe, HACTC Natural Resources;

We, the Natural Resources Senior class, attended the State of Vermont Soils/Land Judging FFA Competition this fall. The competition was held on land belonging to Vermont Technical College in Randolph, VT. Approximately 200 students from 14 Technical Centers from around Vermont competed. The competition consisted of four pits in the ground, and each pit was one meter deep. For each pit we answered fifty-five questions.  

The questions made us analyze the texture of the top and subsoils. Soils are made up of four materials; sand, silt, clay and organic material.  We also were asked to determine how these soils were formed, and what was the soil’s parent material. Lastly, we had to determine if the soil was best suitable for agricultural, forestry or housing uses.  

I’m a senior at Lebanon High School, and I live in Cornish, NH. I was drawn to Natural Resources because the program had relevance to what I want to do later in life, and I got to use a chainsaw. Now I come to class every day because of the fun we have - there is never a dull moment. I also would have never run so many different pieces of equipment or have seen so many places in the Upper Valley if it it wasn’t for the Natural Resources program. I plan to head to Unity College next fall. At Unity I plan to major in Wildlife Management and hopefully get a job working for the Fish and Game Department as a Warden after I graduate. The soils competition was a big part of my last year in the Natural Resources program, and the knowledge that I learned will stay with me forever. I was told once that after you leave you’ll just be another picture on the wall. I don’t plan to be just another picture on the wall. I plan to make the most of this year and create a memory that will last forever.