May 30, 2024

Furthering My Education to "The Next Level"

Furthering My Education to "The Next Level"

By Hailie Lord, HACTC Cosmetology;

Do you know the difference between farther and further? Farther is a physical distance that can be measured; further is a figurative distance. As a young stylist, we always want to go further than our starting point. Last October a group of young developing stylists went farther to further their learning and education. 

After a month of planning, we traveled to the convention center in Providence, Rhode Island, for a hair show called “The Next Level”. I was included in the bunch of very talented students who were able to go on this trip. Images of this trip still stick in my mind, from the wake-up call of my alarm at 5 A.M. to the snores on the ride home. Being able to go on this trip was an extreme opportunity that I’m sure all of us will remember for the rest of our careers. At “The Next Level”, there were tons of tables where you could buy products and look at upcoming products. There were brands like Moroccanoil, Redken, Miracle 10, and my personal favorite Pulp Riot. 

During the convention, stages were arranged all around the room for people to watch live tutorials of professionals working on clients. Half-way through our day, I come across the Pulp Riot stage. I sat down and watched Renee Spinale talk about extensions and hair coloring. I was completely mesmerized by what she had to say, how much she made, and how happy she sounded and looked. This put a picture in my mind about how happy so many stylists are because of the things they do for people and their appearance. Watching her put on hair color just blew my mind. Color is something that brightens the world, and putting color into someone’s appearance is such a beautiful sight.

Being able to go on such an amazing trip with a group of students who support each other is an amazing feeling. Watching professionals cut, color, and treat hair brings a sparkle to a young learning stylist’s eyes. Being able to go on this trip made my decision on a career so much clearer to me. I saved so many samples that were handed out. The Pulp Riot tutorial sparked inspiration and made me want to color my hair, now I’m a dark brown with an emerald green ombre. I’m very excited to go further in my life. I thank HACTC and my wonderful teacher Mrs. Stacey Dunham for this amazing opportunity!