August 19, 2022

HACTC's Student Advisory Board

HACTC's Student Advisory Board

by Caleb Day, Business Administration; 

In the fall of my junior year at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC), I was asked by my instructor Vicky Trombly to be the junior representative for the Business Administration program to the Student Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is made up of a representative from every program at the HACTC. It is great to work with different representatives from different schools that I wouldn’t usually work with in other groups or boards. It is also great to work with different programs that I wouldn’t usually interact with. 

The SAB is like the Tech Center’s equivalent of a student government that Mr. Heavisides oversees. The board meets once a month throughout the school year. Seniors meet in the morning, and juniors in the afternoon. Each advisory board discusses different issues facing the center. Every year in the spring Mr. Heavisides asks for input from both SABs about the student climate survey that he sends to every student in the Tech Center. This survey consists of questions pertaining to how students feel in their programs, with each other, and with their teachers. The survey also asks each student to rate Mr. Heavisides’ job performance, and asks for suggestions on how he can improve. 

The senior advisory board is currently working on different recommendations for our programs. We have created four subcommittees on different ideas or events that we think would improve the HACTC, and still follow the mission statement. The different subcommittees are: Composting, End-of-the-Year Senior Event, Inter-Program Collaboration, and Explore Another Program Day. The subcommittee I am a part of is the End-of-the-Year Senior Event, which involves planning a day trip for the entire senior student population at the end of the school year. 

As I start the third quarter of my senior year, I realize that my time in high school is quickly coming to an end. I would like to leave on a high note, so hopefully my contributions to the SAB will help pave the way for the subcommittees to continue their work next year.