August 19, 2022

Student Mentors at the HACTC

Student Mentors at the HACTC

By Tyler Eldredge, Collision Repair & Refinishing;

Have you ever been bored or not as interested in your typical school routine? Was it hard for you to learn the traditional way, by sitting in a chair and just listening to your teacher? Some of you know what those feelings are like because that was you growing up. You would much rather learn about cars, or how to cut people’s hair - and the best way for you to learn was to go and do it. That is what school was like for many of you, and is what it is like for many kids now. 

That is what school is like for a student that I am mentoring. School doesn’t interest him, and he doesn’t like the topics and the way he is being taught, so he doesn’t pay attention, and he isn’t engaged. In an attempt to show him that school can be fun and interesting, he comes to the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) and he gets to hang out with me from 8:45 to 10:30 am every other Friday. When he comes here he is a totally different kid. He is engaged and genuinely enjoys what he gets to do. The mentoring program, a new opportunity here at the HACTC, has shown him, that if he can stay respectful, become more engaged in school, learn the important subjects he is being taught, work at keeping his grades up, serve others, then he can grow, and, when he gets older, he can come to an awesome school like the HACTC. And, maybe, he can even mentor a kid who has also struggled in school and show them that school can be awesome. Mentoring my student has been an amazing experience for me. Knowing that I am impacting my student’s life, in a good way, is an awesome feeling and I am glad that I have had an opportunity to do it.  

My name is Tyler Eldredge. I am a senior from Hartford High School, and I am in the Collision Repair and Refinishing program (CRR) here at the HACTC. I came into this program knowing next to nothing about cars or repairing them, and I will leave it with all of the tools that I need to be successful in the collision repair industry. My instructor, Mr. Cassidy, has been an outstanding teacher and has been very helpful in my growth as a student and as a person. The HACTC as a whole has helped me grow and is an amazing opportunity that students should take advantage of.