August 19, 2022

Health Sciences Students Participate at Local HOSA Event

Health Sciences Students Participate at Local HOSA Event

By Abi Peterson, Health Sciences;

HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America. It’s an event held nationwide where students participate in workshops, competitions, and group learning sessions. The New Hampshire and Vermont HOSA was held at Dartmouth College in downtown Hanover, New Hampshire, in March. Juniors and Seniors from all over the Twin States came to compete in events. Seven students from the HACTC Health Sciences program attended.

Many of the competitions ranged from leadership based (Prepared Speaking, Interview Skills, Health Education) to tests that quiz you on your knowledge of various parts of the human body. I chose to compete in Prepared Speaking, and I came in third. The workshops were one of the most interesting parts of HOSA. My group went to a workshop were we met a paramedic who was there the day the Boston Marathon bombings occurred. We also met a man named Martin Wallem who was living with ALS, and we got a deeper look at what challenges he faces everyday since acquiring a degenerative neurological disorder. Some of our students went to a suicide prevention workshop where they learned about warning signs and how to talk to someone if you suspect they may be having suicidal thoughts. 

By far our favorite part of HOSA was seeing hypnotism done by Peter Mamos! My friends Bri and Jasmine volunteered to go up on stage. They “drove their cars”, and even got to meet their celebrity crush! It was amazing to see how the human mind can be persuaded, and it provided some much needed comedy for us. Overall HOSA was one of the most informative and fun events that I have been to in a long time. We had a blast meeting other students interested in the health field, and we can’t wait to go back next year!