August 19, 2022

Building Skills Building a House

Building Skills Building a House

My name is Serene Martens. I am a Junior in the Building Trades program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC). I am from Windsor High School and go to the HACTC for half the day. 

I first became interested in Building Trades my sophomore year when I visited the Building Trades house for the HACTC Girls in Building Trades Day. For a while, I have had a dream of building my own “tiny” house, and the Building Trades program was perfect for learning the wide variety of skills I will use to make one. 

In the program we build a house over two years, learning a wide variety of skills including pouring the foundation, framing, electrical work, plumbing, and all of the finish work. There are 15 students in the class, and I am one of only two girls on the team. This year we worked on the foundation of the house, then the framing. It was really interesting for me to learn about how to frame, and I really enjoy it. We put up the roof in March which was a very exciting day for everyone in the class. We are now in the process of putting on the shingles. I love being up on the roof in the sunny weather, it is one of my favorite parts of being in Building Trades. 

Next year we will be working on many different things, from plumbing to interior design work. I look forward to learning about how to do electrical work as well as getting to choose cabinets and other furniture for the house.