August 19, 2022

'Respect' to me is...

'Respect' to me is...

By Zachary Dexter, Rivendell Academy.  

Respect; to most it is a common courtesy, and to some it is a practice. Respect to me is greeting others, listening to others, and positively interacting with others. When I come to the HACTC, I feel respected because I am greeted at the door each day, my classmates enjoy seeing me, and we listen to each other’s stories from that night or weekend. 

When I feel respected, I feel more at home and am more willing to be engaged in the classroom and the shop. When I am engaged and working in the classroom and shop, I am learning the way employers in the area would want the job done. This helps me learn how I can serve and help others. Even on the job we are not done growing; we develop more skills we can use on the job, and as a individual. For example, we find ways to do stuff faster with the same quality and expertise.

I was never good at learning sitting at a desk. I learn better when I can work with my hands and see what I am doing. When I first heard of the HACTC, I was anxious to get in here and see if any programs interested me. I didn’t know much about cars, and I still have a lot to learn, but the amount that I have learned in the Collision Repair and Refinishing program has greatly changed the person who I am today. If I could go back to change something, I wouldn’t. The person who I have become here at the HACTC has changed me into a better person, and I am more respectful of others.

After my time here at the HACTC, I will be applying what I have learned to working in the automotive field of work.