August 19, 2022

Unforgettable Women Can Do Conference

Unforgettable Women Can Do Conference

By Haleigh Grose and Jakya Ellison

The Women Can Do Conference was held in Randolph Center, Vermont, at Vermont Technical College (VTC) on October 11, 2018. The whole day it was raining and cold, but no one seemed to care. The day revolved around having women and girls learn about non-traditional careers that they can do. 

The process of determining an important topic for us to talk about in our Women Can Do Conference demonstration was essential. We had to think of something that would be captivating for not only the eyes, but for the hands as well. Multiple teachers were involved in our process: Mr. Cassidy (Collision Repair and Refinishing), Mr. Goldsworthy (STEM), Ms. Allard (DIMA), and Mr. Bingham (Automotive Technology). Jakya and I used a real car frame for a real-life demonstration and experimental opportunity for students and adults to learn how to properly and safely jump start a car. 

As we planned, one idea came to another and another. We came up with candy prizes as well as notebooks, hats, and wallet-sized cards explaining how to properly jump start a car. We planned and practiced for a little over a month to have everything perfect and know exactly what we were talking about. In the end, we only have the teachers at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) to thank for going above and beyond to help us get to where we are today.

The head of Women Can Do started the conference with a presentation, and introduced everyone who was presenting in the main hall. Next, we went off to our first expo. I participated in Wildlife CSI where I learned about how Fish and Game Wardens track animal deaths, and whether the animal was legally or illegally killed. Jayka went to a regular CSI workshop, and a 3-D printing expo as well.

It was near life changing to see all the women who thought they knew how to jump start a car, but actually didn’t. We created dozens of questions on a poster board, as well as myths and facts about car batteries. Some of the questions included ‘How long does an average car battery last?’ or ‘What can cause a bad battery?’. We challenged many girls to answer these kinds of questions. Jakya and I got to teach others about how to safely and properly protect yourself from everyday mishaps. Overall, it was a day that we could just never forget.