May 30, 2024

"The decision to join the HACTC was perfect for me."

"The decision to join the HACTC was perfect for me." By Evan Alsup, Industrial Mechanics and Welding. Around two years ago I made the best decision of my schooling career to join Industrial Mechanics and Welding (IMW) at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC). I have never really struggled in school but I have always suffered at staying attentive. I am most definitely a hands-on learner. So the decision to join the HACTC was perfect for me. After the first month at the HACTC, I was hooked on the everyday learning about new equipment in the shop and the cool things I can make. Over the past two years at the HACTC I have learned how to do the four major types of welding, how to use a vertical mill and a horizontal lathe, sheet metal presses, CNC plasma cutters, and the list goes on. I have learned how to use them not only to get the job done but to be extra safe and still create a good piece in an efficient amount of time. This helps create many job opportunities for me in the fabrication industry. And surrounding the IMW workspace is an environment of the most happy teachers you will meet. In the time I’ve been in IMW I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded and pushed by our instructor Gary Hutchins (Hutch for short). Hutch has helped my classmates and I grow to be confident leaders in the shop. He has helped each one of us find our strong suit in the shop and also find our weaknesses so we can improve. It’s mentors like Hutch that help a fabricator get into the industry. This is a main goal for Hutch, to create jobs for us. Just getting new career opportunities in the industry shows that your work pays off in IMW. It has been a great place for me to expand my learning over the past two years and I am really going to savor my last few months here before I graduate.