August 19, 2022

"I Want to Create Good Food"

"I Want to Create Good Food" By Haleigh Clark; When I was in elementary school, work was easy. I got good grades and understood everything that was being taught. I didn’t need to put any effort into school. As a result, I ended up with no drive to put any effort into my grades, and later on, this made my classes very difficult. When I got into the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) as a Career and Technology Exploration (CTE) student, and visited the Culinary Arts class, it was very enjoyable. I liked cutting the food, and I found that I was putting effort into my knife cuts, making sure they were accurate and producing evenly cut food. When my CTE program was over, I applied to the Culinary Arts class, which I am currently in now. In class, I work hard because I want to create good food. I pay attention because I want to know what is being taught and apply it to what I make. By being in a class that I enjoy, I don’t feel that what I’m doing is work. For me when I think of the word work I don’t picture doing anything fun. The first thing I think of when I think of “work” is homework. It’s something I have to put my time and effort in that I don’t enjoy. I do think that doing work is important though. I think of high school as doing work to get into a college and eventually get a good job. Work is part of getting from point a to point b. One of my favorite projects I have done in Culinary Arts was the cake project. It was the first project that we did on our own. I was very interested in different types of frosting techniques. I spent a lot of time leading up to the project looking at designs and tutorials until I came up with my own idea. I put a lot of time into the cake to make sure it looked good. The cake had an ivory base frosting color, and I bordered the cake with the shell technique. The main part of the cake had pink and red roses, placed on the cake in a crescent shape. I am very proud of the cake I created.