August 19, 2022

Unique Classroom: Building a House

Unique Classroom: Building a House My name is Logan Raymond. I am a junior at Hartford High School who attends the Building Trades Program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC). I am writing this article on behalf of my peers in the Building Trades Program. This writing will surround the word “Work”, the 4th word in our Mission Statement (Respect. Engage. Learn. Work. Serve. Grow.) and what it means to us. Personally, I signed up for this class because I have the desire to get a job in the trades in the future, and the opportunity to never run out of work. Multiple other classmates have joined Building Trades for reasons such as curiosity, practical skills, and potential career paths. Our class is much more unique than a regular classroom because many students from multiple schools come together every day to construct a future family’s home. There is a certain responsibility and pride that this class brings to everyone to give their best effort every day. “Work” in this class comes naturally with the learning. It doesn’t feel like typical work in a classroom, and it teaches you to be productive and efficient. Similar to real life we have many deadlines to meet, which helps everyone come together as a team. This school year we are finishing the second half of the house by doing electrical work, plumbing, vinyl siding, sheetrocking, finish flooring, interior finish work, cabinet and countertop installation, painting, and finish landscape work. On top of odds and ends jobs, personally, I have built the front deck, hung vinyl siding, and sheetrocked as my larger projects this year. To me this has been continuous, fun, and priceless learning. Once we’re finished building the house, it will be put on the market and sold. We even get to work with the architect on designing next year’s house. Next school year we will pour concrete, frame, side and roof the whole two-story, 2000+ square foot house.