August 19, 2022

Respect is a Key Element to Success

Respect is a Key Element to Success

By Codie Studebaker, Automotive Technology

My name is Codie Studebaker and I’m proud to say I’m enrolled in the Automotive Technology program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC). I am also a senior attending Hartford High School (HHS). 

The HACTC has a six word mission statement: Respect, Engage, Learn, Work, Serve, Grow. I was given the opportunity to write about the importance of Respect in the HACTC. I’ll start by providing a brief definition of respect. Respect is a feeling of admiration for someone or something because of their qualities. 

The HACTC places a lot of emphasis on respect because it’s a key element to success. Showing respect is also easy; the words please and thank you take a second to say and show a person your gratitude and respect. But most importantly, people want to be respected. Every day I enter the HACTC I see respect everywhere. I see it when I walk into Auto Tech and greet my instructor and watch him greet the other students when they arrive. I see respect whenever I interact with the Director of the HACTC, and watch as he greets every student he sees by name. 

There are so many respectful people in the building it’s incredible. Having adults say good morning to you and stop to have a conversation because they can, and the instructors of other programs address you by name, that’s the kind of respect the HACTC expects from everyone who walks in it’s doors. And let me tell you, learning in an environment with that level of respect is one of the best things you can experience on this earth.