August 19, 2022

Mutual Respect at the HACTC Encourages Growth

Mutual Respect at the HACTC Encourages Growth

By Alexianna Merrill, Cosmetology

I am Alexianna Merrill, a Senior at Windsor High School and at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC). I first found out about the HACTC during an 8th grade class trip. I had always found interest in the field of Cosmetology; therefore, the HACTC Cosmetology program caught my attention. 

Upon first arrival at the HACTC as a student during my Junior year, I felt an immense amount of respect that all the staff had toward students, and that students had toward staff members. The respect and support levels at the HACTC that I was experiencing made me want to be there every second of my day. I was being treated with the amount of respect that took the label of being a child away and made me feel like an adult. This transition pushed me to work harder and to take on more challenges. It put a sense of responsibility upon my shoulders. I didn’t want to fail the HACTC staff and they didn’t want to fail me. Respect at the HACTC is a necessity, not just a rare personality trait. It begins our mission statement, “Respect. Engage. Learn. Work. Serve. Grow.”, and will forever be imprinted in our hearts. 

In the two years that I have attended the HACTC, I have approached my adult peers with the respect level they deserve, and my younger peers with the respect they’ve earned. My relationship with everyone around me has grown strong, and professional connections have multiplied. I even plan on attending the Portsmouth Paul Mitchell School in the summer of 2020. Thank you HACTC!