August 19, 2022

"I am willing to take that extra step to expand my horizons..."

"I am willing to take that extra step to expand my horizons..."

Building a Coffee Table in Industrial Mechanics and Welding
By Blaise Martin

The Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) is nothing like a traditional high school. They give you examples of the work that would be out in the job market and then show you, or have you do something like it, in the shop or in some cases on paper. 

For example: in Industrial Mechanics and Welding, our instructor, Mr. Speer, had me draw up a digital blueprint for a coffee table. It contained exact dimensions and measurements so that I used math skills that were taught before the project was started. We then took those measurements and found the correct pieces, for example two 1-inch or 2-inch square piping with the length of 22-inch, and a few 22 ⅛-inch flat steel strips. Then we welded them together in a way that the legs would not wobble and connectors and pieces for the table top to sit on and be level. I then connected the table top to the corner strips with simple 1-inch wood screws. 

This hands-on experience of the processes and examples that were shown to me help me learn that I am not going to sit at a desk and file paperwork for the rest of my life. There are other jobs out there that want you to be able to do things others can’t because they didn’t take the step away from the path others have set you on, thinking its the best option. for new opportunities that few have a chance to get.

After graduation, I plan on going to White Mountains Community College to take their advanced welding course. After their August to August course, I’m not sure where I’ll go. I’ll review the job offers after graduation.