August 19, 2022

"I’m so grateful for the job shadow opportunities..."

"I’m so grateful for the job shadow opportunities..."

Exploring Careers with Job Shadow
By Mollie Parent

My name is Mollie Parent, and I’m a second-year student in the Business Administration Program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. During the Fall semester, I completed a Career Research Report. For this project, I completed personality and skills assessments, investigated the world of work and looked at job trends, researched college and certificate options, completed job shadow experiences and created a career action plan.  

I participated in five job shadows to see what industries I might be interested in. I went to Strafford Saddlery in Quechee, The Union Arena in Woodstock, The Woodstock Police Department, Riverside Farm wedding venue in Pittsfield, and Valley Flower Company in White River Junction. I enjoyed all of my shadows but I connected the most with the police department and the Valley Flower Company. I’ve always been interested in exploring the field of law enforcement, and I was so happy when we found out we could choose career fields to look into. While I was at the police department, I learned a lot about safety, different violations and what goes into the training and the management to make an officer. I learned that there’s a lot more to being a cop than just pulling people over.

However, my favorite place to shadow was the flower store. Valley Flower Company is a lovely little floral shop located in downtown White River Junction. The store’s atmosphere is fun, brightly colored and smells of a world of flowers. While on my job shadow, they showed me how they take customer orders, how to manage orders and how the flower arrangements were created and designed. They have different flower containers in different rooms, and they were all grouped by color. The process was so creative to me. When they make a bouquet, they walk around the room picking up different flowers and laying them down to see how they look. I love that they get to be creative.

I’m so grateful for the job shadow opportunities I gained by being in the Business Administration Program. I have always been a creative person and enjoy expressing my creativity through art. I also love interacting with people. I’ve known for a long time that I needed to do something social and meaningful with my life and because of this job shadow, I may have a career that turns into something bigger than just a job from high school.