August 19, 2022

Business Administration Program at the HACTC

“It didn’t take me long to grow comfortable, and before long, I was thriving.” 
Morgan Barwood, Hartford High School, Business Administration

M BarwoodMy name is Morgan Barwood and I am a Senior in the second year of the Business Administration Program at the HACTC. When I first came here in fall 2019, I was nervous. I had been in class with the same kids since kindergarten and now here I was with 15 other students I wasn’t familiar with, but it didn’t take me long to grow comfortable, and before long, I was thriving. 

In that same fall I was introduced to a club called FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). It is a nationwide club that teaches students business skills and introduces them to new connections and opportunities. I went to the Fall State FBLA Conference and saw the state officers standing in the front of the room guiding the day. When I found out in spring 2020 that it actually wasn’t that hard to become a state officer, I knew that I wanted to do it. I had to get over the facts that I had to make a speech to over a hundred people and my classmate told me he’s going to run against me. 

The Friday before the 2020 FBLA spring conference started, COVID hit. Everything was canceled and they decided to create a Leadership Cohort. I had become an elected State Officer. 

I have always been someone who fights for what she wants. I have had my entire life planned out down to the day. COVID took a big hit to my plans. We were supposed to go out on Cooperative Education Placements and they all got canceled. It was because of my initiative and drive that Mrs. Trombly wanted to give me a different challenge. She worked so hard to get me an interview at a local accounting firm but it was up to me to land the internship. I walked in nervous and left ecstatic. They told me that it was not common for them to offer this to a high schooler but that they saw potential in me. I was over the moon. Without the HACTC giving me these opportunities, I would never have seen in myself how much I really could obtain. Engagement in my community, both at school and in my personal life, is something I strive for every day. I’m very lucky to have these opportunities and I’m thankful that the Tech Center saw something in me when offering them to me. 

I am thankful for the opportunities that Mrs. Trombly and Business Administration have given me and challenged me to take on. I am excited to pursue my Accounting degree in college and become a CPA.