August 19, 2022

Career and Technology Exploration at HACTC

Natalie Nadeau, Hanover High School, Career and Technology ExplorationLearning at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) is definitely different than an average day at my home high school. We are very hands-on, and that is something I love about this school. I feel like I can be me and show myself through all of the things we do. I like that we can have more one on one time with a teacher and classmates for help, as compared to other schools where sometimes we don’t get the extra time to get our questions answered in class. I have seen great strides not just in me as a person but in my work. At the HACTC I feel that it is not just my school but the stepping stone that’s getting me much closer to my dreams. 

I am in the Career and Technology Exploration (CTE) program which means we have a classroom where we learn about English, Math, and Art. Now that might seem like every other school but we get the chance to work at our own pace. We also get to go out on rotation where we get to be very hands on and see all the different HACTC programs we could potentially go into next year. 

So far we have gone to Natural Resources, Industrial Mechanics and Welding, Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, and DIMA. In Natural Resources we went out to a field and measured it like people did before tape measures were a thing. In Welding we made metal boxes and turtles. In Auto we learned how to change the oil, and rotate and change a tire. In Culinary Arts we did a bunch of different things, but the one thing that I liked the most was learning how to get the proper cuts off of a whole chicken. In DIMA we learned about Photoshop and how to make things look like they were always there. I personally enjoyed my experience in all of them, but I don’t quite see myself in them. So I can’t wait to see more of my choices.  

- Natalie Nadeau, Hanover High School, Career and Technology Exploration