May 30, 2024

Career and Technology Exploration at HACTC

CBI personally chose to attend the Hartford Area Career And Technology Center (HACTC) because it has been a very positive experience for my family starting with my mom, aunt and cousin who all went through the Tech Center in their high school days. So when my home school teacher mentioned this opportunity to join the Career and Technology Exploration program, I took it as soon as I could. I was not sure what I wanted to do for a career so I figured I’d use this chance to explore more about my future. Our amazing teachers Mike and Candy have been a big help along this journey. I also took this chance so I could continue the family line of going here. All that said, it feels amazing to be able to go here. 

Here at the HACTC, you experience small, individualized classes where you learn the basics and get the opportunity to prepare for the future career you get to choose. For me, learning to help build houses or change my car brakes are skills I will use in my life. 

I am a huge fan of how many programs and trades the HACTC offers. Anyone that dedicates themselves to the work and time needed to actually learn and master the skills offered by the HACTC will go far in life. I personally am looking forward to the Culinary Arts class here where students run their own restaurant in the school. Being able to learn to cook so many things and so many different styles is so important to becoming a master chef, and it is rare to get lessons this valuable for free. I think technical schools are very important and there should be more of them, especially with how skilled labor is in demand and trade schools are limited. That’s why this place is so important to me and the rest of us that go here. It’s our real chance to learn the things that will help us in our future careers and goals.

Conner Baslow
Lebanon High School
Career and Technology Exploration