August 19, 2022

Allied Medical Services - By Brady McNeil

Allied Medical Services - By Brady McNeil

I am Brady McNeil, a junior at Hartford High School. When I was asked to represent my class by writing this paper, I was excited to have this opportunity. For the past few months I have been attending the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center and have met people from all over the Upper Valley. My class, Allied Medical Services, has been awesome so far. I chose this program because I have always wanted to become a therapist and this class has given me an opportunity to get my feet wet. Everyday something interesting happens and our teacher makes sure class is not boring, but makes sure we utilise our class time wisely. Whenever we learn something new we spend time doing an activity based on that new material to help us remember it.

 Our teacher, Mrs. Barnard, makes the things we learn in class interesting and fun. For a two hour class, the time usually goes by pretty fast. We do a lot of hands on activities like First Aid and CPR. We just recently learned how to properly make a bed with and without a patient in it. We also do a lot of team building and leadership workshops which has really helped us get to know each other better. We are also learning Medical Terminology, which is a language that is used throughout the medical field. We also have begun building a portfolio that will contain almost everything that we do in Allied Med., such as our certifications, tests, awards, and even a resumé.

 I am part of an organization called HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America), which is an in-class organization.  Our president, Rayne Lambert, along with the rest of our officers have been fundraising to help raise money for our competitions in March. We have been practicing for the various categories that are at the competition. Our class is the only HOSA group in Vermont so we have to compete against New Hampshire schools. If we win, we get to go to Nashville, Tennessee for the National Leadership Conference.

 Mrs. Barnard has a lot of experience teaching in the Nursing field and has been working with patients for a long time, so she brings that much needed experience to our class. She has also helped us with class projects, such as community service, and is helping us get as much exposure to the medical field as possible. Next year she is going to get us into job placements so we can get a feel for working in the medical field and interacting with patients. She allows us to work together on almost everything, which makes learning the material that much easier.

 This is the kind of class I look forward to everyday. I would suggest it to anyone interested in medicine. In my opinion, there is no better time or place to start than Allied Med.  The overall environment of the class creates an open opportunity to learn and interact with each other. All in all, I am glad I took this course and look forward to the next year and a half.