August 19, 2022

Outstanding Students for the Second Quarter

Outstanding Students for the Second Quarter Below are both the Senior and Junior Outstanding Students for the second Quarter.  The students were honored at an awards assembly, receiving a certificate, a water bottle, and a $15.00 gift certificate to Cantore's Pizza.  Their picture will also appear in The Valley News during the week of February 25th.  Congratulations, students!!!!  The HACTC is proud of you!!! 

Senior Students:

Allied Medical Services: Walker Camp

Automotive Technology: Donald Stanley

Building Trades: Chris Koloski 

Business Administration: Taylor Nalette 

Career and Technology Exploration: Alex Kingston 

Collision Repair and Refinishing: Todd Buckwold 

Cosmetology: Bizzy Gow 

Design, Illustration, and Media Arts: Sven Barrile 

Engineering and Architectural Design: Travis Maxham 

Natural Resources: Larry Butterfield 

Industrial Mechanics and Welding: Tanner Hibbard 

Human Services: Tosha Spaulding  

Culinary Arts: Gary Carsey

Computer Technology Applications: Cameron Prince

Cooperative Education: Zach Latimer

Junior Students:

Allied Medical Services: Megan Balch 

Automotive Technology: Andrew Goulet

Building Trades: Joe Earl

Business Administration: Devin Josler 

Career and Technology Exploration: Dakota Merrill 

Collision Repair and Refinishing: Shana Kimes 

Cosmetology: Samantha Northrup 

Design, Illustration, and Media Arts: Kali Covell 

Engineering and Architectural Design: Alex Brueckner 

Natural Resources: Nick Witty 

Industrial Mechanics and Welding: Nathan Downing 

Human Services: Brittany O’Rourke 

Culinary Arts: Kyle Perkins

Computer Technology Applications: Logan Wich