May 30, 2024

FBLA Wins!!!!!

FBLA Wins!!!!! The FBLA students just completed their two-day competition in Burlington, Vermont.  Here are the results:

11 firsts
11 seconds
9 thirds
12 fourths
15 fifths

FBLA award winners:

Business calculations: Brooke mcFarlin 4th

Business Communication: Hayden Dow 3rd

Business Ethics: Devin  Josler and Louise Filault 3rd

Business Law: Zach Guthrie-Lloyd 5th, Lindsay Smith 2nd

Business Presentation: Erin Wood 3rd, Jasmyn Barton 2nd

Business procedures: Zach Guthrie-Lloyd 5th, Louise Filiault 4th, Brooke McFarlin 3rd, Alisha Brayboy 1st

Client Services: Nathan Guarino 2nd, John "Auzzie" Demers 4th

Computer Applications: Eliza Spaulding 1st

Game and Simulation Design: Nick Brooks 1st

Computer Problem Solving: Tyler Miller 1st, Parker Robinson 4th, Logan Wich 2nd

Cyber Security: Riley Horan 4th, Nick Brooks 2nd

Desktop Publishing: Kali Covell & Ashley Fogg 5th, Annie Psomas & Melanie Taylor 4th

Digital Design & Promotion: Annie Psomas 5th, Brandy Murray 4th, Charlotte Grzegorowicz 3rd, Ashley Fogg 2nd, Kali Covell 1st

Electronic Career portfolio: Taylor Nalette 5th, Ashley Fogg 4th, Brooke McFarlin 3rd, Kali Covell 2nd, Kristen Deutsch 1st

Healthcare Administration: Taylor Rocke 5th, Lindsay Smith 2nd

Help Desk: Nick Brooks 5th

Hospitality Management: Lindsay Smith 5th

Impromptu Speaking: Annie Psomas 5th, Brooke McFarlin 1st

Job Interview 2: Katie Urquhart Honorable mention, Louise  Filiault 6th,  Devin Josler 1st

Networking Concepts: Parker Robinson 5th, Nick Brooks 4th, Tyler Miller 3rd, Logan Wich 2nd

Personal Finance: Eliza Spaulding 5th

Public Speaking 2: Audrey Devost 1st

Technology Concepts: Tucker Lemmer 5th,  Parker Robinson 4th, Logan Wich 2nd

Website Design:
Nick Brooks 5th
Hayden Dow & Sami Britt 4th
Tucker Lemmer & Melanie Taylor 3rd
Kristen Deutsch & Laura Nema 2nd
Sven Barrile & Seth Marrotte 1st

Word Processing 2: Jasmyn Barton 5th, Eliza Spaulding 3rd, Alisha Brayboy 2nd

Chapter awards:
2nd in March of Dimes fundraising and banner competition
1st in Scrapbook
Largest Chapter in VT
Largest Chapter in attendance