August 19, 2022

FBLA - Parker Robinson

FBLA - Parker Robinson

     My name is Parker Robinson and I am an Officer in the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center’s Future Business Leader of America (FBLA) program. FBLA is a student leadership organization that is run by the students and advisors. FBLA is primarily for students who are interested in a career in business. The focus of FBLA is to inform others about business and education in and the positive relationship they have.  FBLA also helps students to gain the skills needed to become a successful business person.

     Every year, students gather at a FBLA conference to compete in various events. This year, the spring Vermont FBLA conference was held in Burlington, VT at the Sheraton Hotel. The two-day conference was filled with competitive events and meetings for all students. The competitive events varied from Role Playing, Impromptu Speeches, to Presentations.

     This year, I only competed in one event which was the Role Play.  The event consisted of the Help Desk in which I was given a scenario problem that I had to solve in a given amount of time. I had ten minutes to study the problem and five minutes to solve the problem.  In the Help Desk, I ended up getting a call back. A call back is a way for the judges to see again the people they thought were good.

     At the end of the second day, there is an awards banquet.  This year the HACTC chapter took home 11 first places, 11 second places, 9 third places, 12 fourth places, and 15 fifth places.  We also received the first place award for largest chapter and most participants at the conference.