August 19, 2022

FFA - Morgan Albrecht

FFA - Morgan Albrecht

     My name is Morgan Albrecht I live in Canaan, New Hampshire and am a Senior at Mascoma Valley Regional High School. 

     I am also a senior in the Natural Resources (NR) Program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. In Natural Resources, we run heavy equipment and learn about many vital things that are useful in life. My passion in life is farming and in the future I plan to be a dairy farmer.

     During our two years in NR we are able to become registered FFA members, formerly Future Farmers of America.  In my junior year, I joined FFA and was interested to learn what it was all about. 

     Over the course of my junior year, I learned that FFA is an organization based on agriculture and that sparked my interest. To continue learning about FFA, I attended the Vermont State FFA convention and at the last minute decided I wanted to become an officer for the State team.

     After a lot of paperwork, interviews and hours of waiting at the 23rd Annual Vermont State FFA Convention Banquet, I was elected to be the State Reporter.

     Since being elected, I have traveled to many places, gained great leadership skills and learned that the National FFA Organization, is the largest student-run organization in the country.  The organization helps to prepare students with an interest in agriculture, environmental science, business and technology for their future.

     In June, our team went to Camp-O, in Croydon, New York for the National Leadership Conference for state officers.

     In July, I went to Washington D.C. for the Washington Leadership Conference for a week.

     The July event was followed by a team building, kick-off training for all Vermont State CTSO officers.

     In October, I went to the FFA Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana.

     Our local chapter participates in two state Career Development Events (CDE). The first event is   Land Judging (soils) at Vermont Technology College in Randolph, Vermont and the other is the Winter Forestry CDE in Essex, Vermont.

     All in all, over the past year as an FFA member and as a State Officer, I have gained some awesome leadership skills and made many FFA friends across the United States and the world.

     I have discovered that I can do most anything I set my mind to.  Knowing that I am the first FFA State Officer from HACTC as well as the most achieved among my siblings, makes my year as an officer worth it. Lastly, seeing the pleased eyes of my parents and teachers has made me proud of my accomplishments.