August 19, 2022

Automotive Technology by Artemis Kayiales

Automotive Technology by Artemis Kayiales

          My name is Artemis Kayiales, but I prefer to go by Artie. I have a strong passion for Automotive Technology. I have always loved getting under the cars and trucks with my brother and father, most of what I know I learned from them. I am a junior at Lebanon High School, and I attend the Automotive Technology program at Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. I have come to the end of my first year at HACTC and I plan to come back again my senior year. I hope to get an internship over the summer to learn more about cars and trucks. I have so much fun working under the hoods and bodies of the vehicles. I love getting dirty.

          My goal is to go to college for Automotive Technology after high school. I don’t want to go to a big college but I would rather go to a small community college, and I hope to stay in New England. I want to learn more about diesel engines and high performance vehicles. I prefer working on pickup trucks because they have a lot more room under the hoods.

          My goal is  to learn enough to get into the Automotive Business. I want to get into the business so that I can get an idea on how other shops work. I want to do this because I hope somewhere FAR down the line that I own a shop of my own. I would like to intern at both a dealership and a small quiet shop. Just so that I could get an idea on how I might want to run my own shop. I can compare both of them together to get ideas on how I might run my own shop.

          I hope to have my own shop in the suburb of a big city. Some where close to the city but not in the middle of it so that I don’t have a lot of competition. I hope to stay some where in the New England area because all of my family is in New England. I prefer the Boston area and the cape because my father’s family lives in that area and I don’t get to see them that much.

          I know I will be a good mechanic. I have a lot to offer in this profession for a number of reasons. One I would serve as a good role model to other girls that it is not just a mans job. Women can do whatever they want they just have to stick with the thought and idea. Second it shows that many people may have told me that I would never be able to do it or I won't be good at it but that did not stop me. I pursued my dreams to be a female auto mechanic.