October 16, 2021
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COVID-19 Updates

The district administration receive regular, at least daily updates and alerts from the Vermont Department of Health (DOH), the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) and the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The notices we receive are specific to the virus in Vermont, and specifically to what Vermont schools should be doing to prevent the virus from spreading. Visit the COVID-19 Updates page for information on how the Hartford School District is addressing the situation.

September Students of the Month

Congratulations to all who have been chosen as a Student of the Month for September!

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HACTC Awards Night

1:25 - Guest Speaker, Sandy Spiegel 6:32 - Scholarships 6:55 - The Cars Club Award 7:53 - The Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship 8:18 - The New England School of Hair Design Constance Trottier Memorial Scholarship 9:22 - The Brian Moody Memorial Scholarship 11:41 - The Nick Newcity Memorial Scholarship 12:50 - The Norwich Li...

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