December 3, 2021


2022 Scholarship opportunities for HACTC students will be posted in January/February 2022. Please check back for updates! See below for past available opportunities.

The Quechee Garden Club - Anne Bradley Emerson Scholarship is open to HACTC students and students from Hartford High School and Mid-Vermont Christian School.  The scholarship will be awarded to a student planning to further their studies in the fields of horticulture, botany, agriculture, forestry, conservation, landscape, environmentally allied studies and strongly related business management fields.  This scholarship is based on academic performance and need.  Completed applications should be mailed to The Quechee Garden Club.  DEADLINE:  May 3, 2021. Scholarship Application

The Friends of Mascoma Scholarship is for Mascoma Valley Regional High School seniors planning to pursue their education beyond high school in a technical/trade/certificate program, Associate's Degree program or Bachelor's Degree program.  The deadline for applying for this scholarship is April 15, 2021.  The link to the application is here:

The Norwich Lions Club Scholarship is offered to a HACTC senior who has consistently participated in community service projects throughout their high school career.  Please submit your completed application to Mr. Hebert by April 30, 2021. Scholarship Application

The Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship was established to provide financial support to a promising HACTC student enrolling in a post-secondary institution. Please return the completed application to Mr. Hebert by May 5, 2021. Scholarship Application 

The Latchkey Cup Scholarship is open to ANY HACTC senior who plans on  continuing their education at the college of their choice following high school. This scholarship is open to ALL HACTC seniors.  Please ignore the eligibility criteria noted on the  scholarship application page.  Scholarship Application DEADLINE:  April, 30, 2021

The White River Junction Rotary has a number of scholarships available for HACTC students including the Barwood-Drown-Kerr Scholarship, The Richard Miller Award, and the White River Rotary Charitable Fund Scholarship.  Read the scholarship descriptions carefully and apply for those you are eligible for.  Please return the completed application to Mr. Hebert by April 30, 2021.

The Vermont Association of Educational Office Professionals Scholarship in Memory of Marion T. Wood is for students planning to continue their education in an office-related business program.  Please print a copy of this scholarship yourself or see Mr. Hebert for a copy of this scholarship.  DEADLINE:  April 1, 2021

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation has scholarships available for students planning to enroll in certificate or license programs, Associate's Degree programs or Bachelor's Degree programs.  Follow this link to apply for these scholarships:

The Red River Charitable Foundation Scholarship
 was designed to promote technology knowledge, education, and interest among students in NH and VT. It is awarded to seniors who intend to major in Computer Science or other Technology studies. Such majors include but are not limited to Animation, Engineering, Game Design & Development, Bioinformatics, Security, Robotics, Networking, and Graphics & Web Design.  DEADLINE:  April 16, 2021  Follow this link to apply for these scholarship:

The Bar Harbor Career Technology Education Scholarship
 is available for students who attend The HACTC.  See Mr. Hebert for a copy of this scholarship.  Please note there is a maximum family income limit for this scholarship.  DEADLINE:  May 1, 2021