July 21, 2024


Dear Student, Families, and Community Members,

The learning that happens here at the Hartford Area Career and Technical center is extraordinary. Students learn many different types of technical skills here. Some students learn to paint a car, others learn how to use spreadsheets for business operations, others learn to operate chainsaws. Many other skills are taught in each program.   

Students learn more than technical skills here. We emphasize our mission of Respect, Engage, Learn, Work, Serve, and Grow. Through focus on this mission, students learn employability skills that will help them wherever they go. Additionally, students grow as people in their time here.   

We have a wonderful staff here at the HACTC; Many staff members come to us with years of experience in their industry. The staff is dedicated to their students and to ensuring that their students are learning. We work to provide opportunities for students to show their learning through Industry Recognized Credentials and Concurrent Enrollment opportunities. You can find out more about these programs by looking at the information on this site. As you look through the site, please reach out if you have questions about our programs.

If you want more specifics about the daily learning that occurs at the HACTC, please see our school’s Facebook and Instagram pages.  Thank you for your time.



Erika Schneider
Director, Hartford Area Career and Technology Center   


Erika Schneider